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For those who care about healthy living, cycling, walking on trodden and not-so-trodden paths, and hiking are some of the most popular types of recreation. The island of Brač is ideal for this kind of active holiday because it is rich in various cycling and hiking trails, many of which are suitable for recreation.

Take advantage of the accommodation in the Vila Inga apartments and enjoy the bike ride to beautiful nearby destinations. If you prefer hiking or walking, choose one of the offered trails or wander freely and discover the beauty of the island of Brač. Your health will thank you!




PANORAMIC BIKE RIDE TO LOVREČINA COVE A pleasant ride on the local dirt road which stretches from the Vila Inga apartments all the way to the Lovrečina bay. The road follows the sea and passes through wooded areas. It is around 3 km long and motor vehicles are not allowed to drive on it, which makes it ideal for a leisurely, recreational ride.


A somewhat longer ride of 5.5 km on the local road along the coast to a place called Splitska. In case you decide to visit Splitska, we recommend you visit the nearby castle of the Cerinić family.


A somewhat more demanding road to the inner part of the island, with local traffic, about 5 km long. After a challenging ride, we recommend you take a break and refresh yourself with the excellent offer of homemade food in one of the taverns. When in Dol, make sure to visit its landmarks – the small church of Saint Peter, which dates back to the 14th century and has the oldest bells on the island, and the small church of Saint Michael from the 11th century.

For lovers of intact nature who are looking for a challenge and want to have an active holiday to stay in shape, we recommend following one of many hiking trails.


vidova gora,

The trail connects the north and south of the Brač Island. It is about 21 kilometres long and walking time is about 4.5 hours. The trail is full of numerous natural and cultural landmarks, including archaeological monuments, a drystone wall, a gazebo and protected natural features, such as:

  • The small church of Saint Nicholas from the end of the 11th century
  • The parish church of Saint John the Baptist from the 16th century, with the remains of an early Christian basilica from the 6th century
  • Mirje: a 6th century monastery
  • Drystone wall: made of natural stone without any binding material. The skill of building dry stone walls is a traditional legacy of Mediterranean areas from prehistoric times
  • Gažul: a shepherd settlement with houses made of stone and crates for cattle situated in the original environment of the Brač shepherd homes on this plateau
  • Veli Gažul: the main Brač stronghold during World War II
  • Dalmatian black pine habitat: endemic wood from the pine family with a characteristic umbrella-shaped crown
  • Korita: a protruding ridge with three natural ponds, carved from the living rock
  • Vidova gora: the highest point of the Adriatic islands (778 m). When the weather is clear, numerous Dalmatian islands and the peaks of the Apennine Mountains can be seen from it

Brač is excellent for pleasant walks because of the abundance of well-kept paths along the sea, surrounded by forests and shrubs. Choose the ones you find most attractive.


adriatic sea

If you enjoy the beach, you can go to the beach in front of the house, where you can rent pedal boats and parasols. Five minutes from the bay, you can enjoy sunbathing and swimming among the rocks in full privacy. In case you love diving, Brač is a true undersea treasure. There is a diving club in Supetar or Bol where you can rent diving equipment. Set off on one of many activities on the sea Brač offers, such as sailing and paragliding.

Even in ancient times, Greek physician Hippocrates, his compatriot, philosopher Plato, and the Arabic physician Avicen praised the favorable influence of sea water on health. Clear blue sea, warm sun, gentle breeze, aromatic herbs & spices, natural oils... heal yourself with a little bit of help by nature.




One of the most significant events on the Island of Brač is surely the ‘Vanka regule’ festival, which brings extreme sports, music and movies to town. There are no rules, which adds to the relaxed atmosphere. You can visit numerous churches and museums on the island, see the tradition of stone processing and a stone carving school. A real little cultural paradise.


hot spots

Bol on the island of Brač is best known for its famous Zlatni Rat beach (the Golden Cape), the symbol of the Adriatic Sea whose end shifts depending on changes in tide and wind. Zmajeva pećina (Dragon’s Cave), an interesting cave situated near Bol, is a fifteenth century monument of the Brač Glagolites. The Glagolites built and lived in a monastery above Dračeva luka (harbour) and it is also thought that they established the nearby Pustinja Blaca (Blaca Hermitage), which can be reached by passing through Murvica. Additionally, Brač is full of small, authentic, charming towns such as Bobovišća and Ložišća, which you must not miss.


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